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Park City Culinary Institute Welcomes Culinary Students of All Ages: Meet Daniel

Park City Culinary Institute Welcomes Culinary Students of All Ages: Meet Daniel

At Park City Culinary Institute, our programs are designed for those who want to master cooking fundamentals or take their current skills to the next level. While we always say you’re never to old to learn something new, we’ve been surprised to see increasingly younger people taking an interest in the culinary arts.

Throughout our history, we’ve encountered some incredibly talented individuals who are breaking the mold to pursue their passion. Take Daniel, for example, one of our youngest graduates at just 11 years old.

Young Chef Learns to Cook Online

Daniel completed all his culinary courses online.

While most online culinary courses just provide pre-recorded videos to watch, Park City Culinary Institute offers live, interactive Zoom labs, allowing Daniel to cook in his home kitchen as a professional chef watched him prepare each dish, and providing step-by-step guidance and feedback.   

Through helpful interactions with his chef instructors, Daniel was able to master a variety of skills, and expertly execute restaurant-quality dishes. We couldn’t be more impressed by this young chef.

Daniel’s mom said, “Daniel had the most wonderful experience! We can’t thank you, your school, and your chef instructors enough.”

While Daniel and his family were sad when his program ended, this can only be a new beginning for such a young and accomplished chef. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exceptional Park City Culinary Institute grad!

Everyone is Welcome

Our courses are designed for all levels and ages. We’ve had students, like Daniel, as young as 11 and many over 60. We support our students and help them achieve their culinary pursuits. Our flexible and convenient online classes allow us to work with students from anywhere!

Join us at PCCI

Check out our Professional Certificate in the Culinary ArtsCuisine Certificate, or Pastry & Baking Certificate programs to prepare you for a variety of opportunities like having a food truck or owning your own pasty shop. Our programs are available online or on campus in Salt Lake City. Contact us or give us a call at 801-413-2800 to learn more.

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