Online Culinary Courses

Why Learn Online?

Culinary School Served Online

The world moves faster than a busy kitchen during the dinner rush. Not everyone has the time or ability to be in a traditional learning setting. With Park City Culinary Institute, you will never sacrifice quality or flavor when you learn online.

There’s no doubt that learning online offers unparalleled flexibility. We have designed each lab so that you can progress at your own pace, and choose your own schedule. Our Chefs are available to give you feedback and professional tips as you go. Work independently when convenient, and submit your work with chefs via email, giving you both flexibility and personalized attention.

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Our Live-Class Method

To help you get the most out of culinary school online, we focus on live classes—not just pre-recorded videos. This way you get the most interaction and real-time feedback from Chef instructors. Through our interactive method, students are able to share with classmates like they would in a traditional setting. And best of all, since your instructors are watching you cook live, you receive guidance every step of the way.

A culinary student in her home kitchen, presenting a salad to her Zoom class.

What's So Special About Learning Online?

There are some other, “off the books” benefits you might not have considered. Besides getting to cook from the comfort of your own kitchen, there are so many ways you can customize your learning experieince.

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Compliments from the Chefs

Online Pastry & Baking Certificate graduate Callie, decorating a homemade dessert.

The Park City Culinary Institute Online Baking & Pastry program has been perfect for me! As a hobby baker, my goals were to become more confident in my baking abilities and to use my knowledge from this course to start a home bakery. This program has given me exactly that and more! I am more efficient and organized in the kitchen and have been equipped with the skills I need to continue learning on my own and to launch a business. Having access to an actual chef who was willing to answer all of my questions was invaluable to this experience and really puts this program above others. I am grateful for the part-time flexibility that the schedule offered as I could work it into my family and work life, and feel that I was offered the same experience as what I would have gotten in-person.


Graduate of the Online Pastry & Baking Certificate Course

Park City Culinary Institute online student Julie in her home kitchen during a lesson, chopping asparagus.

I love how the online program allows me to progress at my own pace, while still giving me access to a Chef Instructor when I have questions.


Graduate of the Online Cuisine Certificate Course

Are you ready to serve up the recipe for success, all Online?

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