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Graduate Testimonials

Compliments from the Chefs

I was shocked to admit, the things I learned in the online cooking course have been a game changer!

Amy Roskelley

Online Graduate

Adam Terry, Owner of Waffle Luv

I’m super grateful for your awesome culinary course!  I really think you’re doing some cool things that will help change the culinary landscape.  I’ve already hired one of my classmates!

Adam Terry

Owner of Waffle Luv

Jonathan Clark

The Best Thing I’ve Done in My Life… Pure Fun!

Jonathan Clark

Owner of Kodiak Cakes

Teresa Rotramel, Mom and Cake Decorator

Attending culinary school has always been my dream. I was excited that I could use the GI Bill(R) to pay for the entire course. While my husband, Todd, was serving our country at Hill AFB, I was able to fulfill my dream.

Teresa Rotramel

Mom and Cake Decorator

Joy Rife, 2020 online graduate

Online class is so awesome. I have the opportunity to be creative, change things up in any way I want to. I cook in familiar surroundings and can have everything set up just the way I want. I also appreciate Chef Evan’s teaching style. He takes the time during the last half hour to really teach about the food. Thanks for the opportunity to be in this session. We are making Park City Culinary Institute history!

Joy Rife

Online Graduate

Yvonne Sobol, 2020 graduate

Park City Culinary Institute’s Pastry & Baking certificate program is a great course with excellent course design, layout, and content and the instructors were very positive, kind, and professional. Course activities and schedule are well organized with easy to use computer and cellular apps and technology. Each instruction module is detailed in demonstration videos, course and recipe book, and live interactive cooking sessions. It is extremely easy to prep for each desert and the instruction format allows for individual creative touches.

The successful completion of each module builds a strong foundation to create attractive and delicious desserts. Overall, it is one of the best and most satisfying investments I’ve ever made in developing my culinary skills. The program’s focus on hands-on experience and practice is invaluable and greatly exceeded my expectations. The knowledge and skills I have gained have given me the confidence to begin planning a bakery of my own. What a great experience!

Yvonne Sobol


Matthew Kraeling, 2016 Graduate, General Manager Hyatt

On day three what I learned and understood already made the tuition worth it. I have been able to pick up side-work in hotel banquets, and was offered a two month stint cooking in Costa Rica just days after classes ended. I am now seriously valued with my certification.

Matthew Kraeling

Graduate, General Manager Hyatt

Bethany Grow, Class of 2015

Not only did I eat well every single day but I had so much fun and didn’t want the program to end. The past 8 weeks have been incredible.

Bethany Grow


Rachel Gilbert, 2014 Graduate, Business Owner

I am in heaven. This class is the best thing I have done in my adult life!

Rachel Gilbert


I attended your cuisine program in 2018. I had no kitchen experience and was scared to death. As of today, I am officially the Sous Chef of Stratford Proper! Thank you so much for opening so many doors for me, it was a life changing experience.

Oscar Jimenez


This was one of the best experiences of my life! Thank you for being so amazing!

Kayden Peterson-Craig


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