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Park City Culinary Institute Graduate Launches New Bakery: Meet Joy

Park City Culinary Institute Graduate Launches New Bakery: Meet Joy

“I have always loved to cook and hoped to learn skills and flavors. I knew I wanted to attend Park City Culinary Institute and when the opportunity came to do the cuisine class online, I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t at all worried about class being online. I figured everything would take more time and we would develop more slowly than in person. I was so wrong!”

While most online culinary courses just provide pre-recorded videos to watch, Park City Culinary Institute offers live, interactive Zoom labs, allowing Joy to prepare each dish in her home as professional chef instructors provided step-by-step guidance and feedback.   

“We jumped right in with knife skills and every day my food knowledge and skills were elevated. Who would think that within seven short classes we would be making food that looked and tasted like a fine dining experience?”

“Every day brought a new challenge with chef teachers who really know their stuff and guided us through even the trickiest preparations. I love PCCI! It is the crowning jewel of all my educational experiences.”

Online Classes Took Joy’s Skills to the Next Level

We are happy to share Joy’s latest success – the opening of her new bakery business, Baking with Joy!

Joy opened a small, cottage-sized bakery with her partner Raelynn in Mineola, Texas. Selling freshly baked artisanal baguettes, sandwich breads, bagels, granola, and cinnamon pull-apart bread (to name a few), they took a leap of faith, and have already seen the hard-earned fruits of their labor.

“After hours and hours of testing, Raelynn and I opened our cottage industry bakery named Baking with Joy! at the Mineola, Texas Farmer’s Market,” said Joy. “We are thrilled with our modest success!”

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At Park City Culinary Institute, we support your culinary pursuits no matter what they are. Check out our Professional Certificate in the Culinary ArtsCuisine Certificate, or Pastry & Baking Certificate programs to prepare you for a variety of delicious opportunities. Our programs are available online or on campus in Salt Lake City. Contact us or give us a call at 801-413-2800 to learn more.

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