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Our Chef Instructors have both teaching and real-world experience. We are delighted to have such a talented group of experienced professionals all under one roof in Salt Lake City.

Chef Robert Angelilli

Robert Angelilli


Chef Robert’s culinary career started at the young age of zero, having been born and raised in the Veneto region of Italy. With daily trips to the Rialto market by his grandmother’s and mother’s sides, he began to cultivate the love of simple, fresh, and authentic food, and fuel his ability to drink copious amounts of espresso. At the age of 19, Chef Robert came to Utah to ski the mountains of the Wasatch Front and eventually settled at the University of Utah where he earned a B.S. and B.A. degrees. After an eclectic career path that included ballet, teaching third grade, selling wild mushrooms, managing databases, and administering networks, he decided that cooking for a profession seemed like an interesting venture.

W. Gabriel Mitchell, Executive Pastry Chef

W. Gabriel Mitchell

Executive Pastry Chef

Chef Gabriel is excited to bring his experience and knowledge to Park City Culinary Institute. Chef Gabriel is both a creative pastry professional and an engaged food scholar. He taught pastry classes to both culinary and pastry students at Le Cordon Bleu—San Francisco. He opened San Francisco’s first online gourmet pastry boutique; then the city’s first late-night pastry bistro under the eponymous name of Maison Mitchell, where his creations, colloquially referred to as “The Ladies,” quickly won over admirers and fans. Chef Gabriel received his B.S. in Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University, and started his professional career as an architectural lighting designer. 15 years later, he graduated from The French Culinary Institute in New York City, in the Classic Pastry Arts program. After graduating, Chef Gabriel moved to Paris where he honed his skills under the tutelage of Master Pâtissier Pierre Hermé (MOF) and fonduer Jacques Genin. After working in San Francisco’s fine-dining scene, he returned east to obtain his MLA in Gastronomy from Boston University where his interests included elite food, restaurant culture, and professional practitioner’s intentionality. Chef Gabriel opened Maison Mitchell Pâtisserie Hamburg, where he introduced pastry consumption as a lifestyle to the German gastronomic landscape. An adherent to French technique, Chef Gabriel lists frozen desserts, pâte à choux, and plated desserts as his favorite techniques. His specialty is his famous “pink” desserts.

Laurie Moldawer, Director

Laurie Moldawer


Trained in Paris at le Cordon Bleu, and in New York at the Institute of Culinary Education. She worked for one of the highest-rated catering companies in the country, Real Food Catering in New York, and has staged at restaurants in New York and Paris. At the Michelin-starred Passiflore Restaurant in France, she apprenticed with Chef Roland Durand. Food has always been her love, and she has traveled to over 50 countries around the world to see their markets, taste new ingredients, and take cooking classes.

Chef Jess Everson

Jess Everson

Online Courses

Was most recently the Executive Chef at Café Trio, overseeing two locations. After culinary school, he worked in Las Vegas before returning to Utah to be the Chef de Cuisine at Cliff House Gastropub in Draper, and at Westgate Resorts in Park City. Chef Jess trained in Las Vegas at le Cordon Bleu, and recently appeared on CBS-KUTV Channel 2.

Chef Sterling West

Sterling West

Online Courses

Was a Certified Instructor for the US Army, where he planned, designed, and delivered training to over 500 senior Army leaders in Battle Staff operations. He delivered both technical and tactical instruction on missions, providing students with an in-depth understanding of mission command, operations, cyber defense, and information operations. Sterling completed two overseas deployments, and retired in 2019 with the rank of Sergeant First Class. In 2019, Sterling graduated from Park City Culinary Institute using his GI Bill® benefits.

Chef Lola Beatlebrox

Lola Beatlebrox

Curriculum Developer

Lola Beatlebrox remembers when opening a TV dinner was the height of 1960s cuisine. How times have changed. “We’ve come full circle to honor our talents in making dishes the best restaurant chefs from all over the world make right in our own homes.” Lola is an instructional designer and educator. She has created videos and learning materials for the New York Mercantile Exchange, the Utah Division of Arts & Museums, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and EATS – Eat Awesome Things at School. She promotes interactive, inquisitive learning about food and its ability to tantalize all the five senses.

Chef Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller

Award-winning Chef from Baltimore and Delaware

Maxine Turner

Maxine Turner

Founder of Cuisine Unlimited Catering Company

Chef Yu Yamamoto

Yu Yamamoto

Montage Deer Valley, Naked Fish

John Davis

John Davis

Wine Insiders & Geja’s Cafe, Chicago

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