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Corporate Team Building Goes to Culinary School

Corporate team-building events can provide a myriad of benefits, from fostering trust and positive interaction to building leadership skills. But your team may find themselves less than inspired by the same old activities.

Take your event to culinary school, however, and you will find a way to connect on a whole new level.

If you’ve already done the rope climbing, the scavenger hunts, the escape games and the trust falls, why not change things up and host your next team-building event at Park City Culinary Institute in Salt Lake City?

Why Culinary School Is Ideal for Corporate Team Building

Everyone loves food -it’s the world’s great unifier. And with dozens of different types of cuisine and cooking techniques to choose from, you have a virtually unlimited range of options, depending on your goals.

Corporate team events typically seek to accomplish a goal, such as improving communication, building trust, developing leadership skills or fostering problem-solving abilities. Whatever your goals are for your event, the commercial kitchen environment of a culinary school has the perfect activities to achieve them.

Corporate Team-Building Ideas for Culinary School Events

You can choose to have your event based on a platform of competition, collaboration or both. Your group can compete in teams or head-to-head, or if you prefer, you can simply enjoy classes or demonstrations by our experienced, professional chef instructors.

And your group& will get to enjoy the delectable gourmet meal theycreate during your event.

Choose from formats like cook-offs, food truck challenges,“iron chef” matches, secret ingredient-type events and more. No one needs to have any pre-existing kitchen knowledge or skills, and everyone will have a great time while learning key competencies to enhance their capabilities in the workplace.

The mood is light and fun, and our team will handle all the details to ensure you have a truly customized experience that exceeds your expectations.

Bake a Unique Twist into Your Next Team-Building Session

Park City Culinary Institute offers a variety of options for corporate events of all types, including employee recognition celebrations, sales meetings and entertainment for important clients.

We can facilitate corporate groups as large as 100. However, our team-building events work especially well for groups in the 30-to-50-person range. Our new teaching kitchen in Salt Lake City boasts 7,000 square feet of red-brick, stainless-steel, commercial kitchen equipment and plenty of natural light. In Park City, we host events behind the scenes at a restaurant on Main Street.

For an experience unlike anything your company has experienced before, contact Park City Culinary Institute and learn more about our culinary school team-building events.

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