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Financing Culinary School: What Are Your Options?

Not everyone has the funds available for culinary school tuition, so many choose to finance their education.

Fortunately, when you attend Park City Culinary Institute in Salt Lake City, you have some choices in how you handle our affordable tuition.

Self-Financing Culinary School

Many students use a low- or zero-interest credit card to finance their tuition, which is often the most cost-effective approach. Other students borrow the funds from a family member or friend. Because culinary education and training is an investment in your future, this may be a simple and practical approach.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement for Financing Culinary School

If the skills you’ll gain by obtaining your professional certificate in the culinary arts would help you in your current job, your employer may be willing to reimburse you for some or all your tuition. Still other employers offer tuition reimbursement programs as part of their employee benefits package. Check with your employer to see if any of these options are available to you.

Using the GI Bill

For military veterans, the Veterans Administration provides education and training benefits under the GI Bill®. Park City Culinary Institute is approved for VA benefits, which means we can accept your GI Bill education benefits. Take advantage of this hard-earned benefit to prepare yourself for the next phase of your life — an exciting career as an executive chef, pastry chef, food truck owner, caterer or whatever your passion may be.

Using a Payment Plan Program to Pay for Culinary School

If you would prefer to make payments for your tuition, we have teamed up with Mountain America Credit Union to offer a convenient culinary school payment plan through their Signature loan program. Qualifying is quick and easy. Younger students and those still building credit will want to bring a co-signer to the bank with you. A co-signer is a friend or family member that will guarantee your payments.  You can find all the information on our Financing Your Education page.

Culinary School Tuition Assistance

Each year, Park City Culinary Institute offers some limited tuition assistance opportunities, based on specific qualifying criteria. When you come in to tour the Institute and sit down for your complimentary career consultation, be sure to ask your culinary career counselor for more information.

At Park City Culinary Institute, you can earn your professional certification in cuisine, pastry and baking, or for the most comprehensive education, you can choose the Professional Certification in the Culinary Arts track, finishing in as little as 8 weeks (15 weeks if you attend evening sessions).

Contact us today to learn more about our program and to see when the next session starts. You can also talk with one of our experienced and helpful career counselors about the best way to finance your culinary school tuition.

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