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ABC 4 News – Chef Adam Kreisel and our new Cooking School Work Exchange

Cooking School Work Exchange

Park City Culinary Institute was featured on ABC-4 News today for a new program that enables eligible students to pay for school in as few as four months. Some of the region’s top restaurants, caterers and hotels are partnering with Park City Culinary Institute to help students pay for school through a cooking school work exchange, and graduate with zero debt. To demonstrate what students learn in our program, Chef Adam Kreisel seared scallops with a yam purée and made a brandy shallot pan sauce.

Click here to watch the clip.


Park City has more chefs per capita than Paris, and with over 100 restaurants catering to visitors from all over the world, there is no better place to attend culinary school. We do things a little differently around here. Keeping things fun and fresh, we give students the tools to succeed in any culinary adventure they choose. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of culinary school and want to learn how to cook better for your friends and family. Or maybe you’re already in the culinary field and want to advance your skills and increase your pay. Either way, our two-month professional course is for you.
In our two-month professional course, you’ll get:

  • To attend culinary school in a real commercial kitchen in Deer Valley.
  • Learn from experienced chefs who have trained chefs at the CIA and Ritz Carlton.
  • Get to know local farmers and artisans & so much more…

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