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Culinary Schools Launching Food Truck CaQreers

When you’re cooking from a truck, you don’t have to wait for customers to find you — you go where they are instead. Whether you seek out customers at arts festivals, sporting events or downtown on a Saturday night, you have the option of working when and where you want to, as often as you like.

And with lower overhead, you can afford to serve your food for much less than you would in a restaurant setting. This allows more budget-conscious customers to enjoy your culinary creations.

How Will Culinary School Prepare You to Own a Food Truck?

If you think about it, a gourmet food truck is essentially fine dining on wheels. The primary difference is that you will likely work alone or with a small crew.

In culinary school, you will gain the expertise necessary to succeed in your new mobile venture. From the crucial basics of knife skills and food safety to the intricacies of culinary science, obtaining a professional certificate in the culinary arts will help prepare you for a successful career.

Beyond the nuts-and-bolts skills, however, you will learn to have a passion for preparing exceptional food. Taste, texture and presentation all matter, even in a food truck.

Whether you want a great job in a traditional restaurant or you want to become an entrepreneur in control of your own future, Park City Culinary Institute offers the certificate programs you need to succeed. We are in Salt Lake City, and all of our certificate programs are taught by experienced instructors with real-world chef experience. Notable alumni in the food truck world include Adam Terry, the owner of Waffle Luv and his brother Jared, both featured onThe Great Food Truck Race.”

Contact us today to learn more about how culinary school can help you achieve your dreams and goals for owning a food truck.

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