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Can You Go to Culinary School While Working Full Time?

Going to culinary school has become the dream of many Americans who are ready for a career change. But because few of us could leave our jobs to go to school, you may worry that you can’t do both.

Fortunately, you can keep working your regular job while you learn the skills necessary to make your dreams a reality. Whether your goal is to get a job in the restaurant industry, to open your own restaurant or food truck or polish your existing skills, Park City Culinary Institute can help.

Can I Attend Culinary School in the Evening?

You can attend classes either during the day or in the evening, depending on the program you choose.

Although it may sound like an arduous schedule working during the day and attending culinary school in the evening students find themselves so engaged in the learning process that the time flies by.

And as you only have classes three evenings per week, you will have plenty of time to handle your other obligations at home, with family and friends, etc.

How Long Does Culinary School Take?

Prospective students are delighted by how quickly they can get a professional culinary certification.

If you attend classes during the day, you can get a pastry certificate in four weeks. If you go in the evening, you will finish in six weeks.

For a cuisine certificate, a day course takes six weeks while an evening course lasts nine weeks.

If you want a full professional certificate in the culinary arts, you can complete the program in 10 weeks of daytime classes or 15 weeks of evening classes.

Are Evening Classes as Good as Day Classes?

Courses taught by well-qualified executive chefs give students the advantage of learning from seasoned professionals with current, real-world knowledge and experience.  This  means that students attending courses in the evening receive the same level of expertise as those who go during the day.

The curriculum includes a wide range of topics ranging from knife skills, meat, seafood and sauces to the basics of food science. Students learn both classic and innovative techniques to ensure their skills will be relevant in any facet of the industry.

Park City Culinary Institute understands the passion that moves you to make a career change. Whether you dream of becoming an executive chef, a chef/owner, pastry chef, food truck owner or caterer, our hands-on certificate programs will give you what you need to succeed. Located in Salt Lake City, our facilities offer a world-class experience for students from around the world. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary career consultation or to enroll in one of our culinary school programs.

Director of Admissions, Donna Miller, can be reached at (801) 413-2800.

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