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At This Northern Utah Culinary School, You Learn from Industry Experts

When you enroll in culinary school, you (rightly) have the expectation that you’ll be learning from educators who are also experts in their industry. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

The founder and director of Park City Culinary Institute in Salt Lake City had that expectation herself. What Laurie Moldawer discovered, however, is that some American culinary schools were putting their fresh new graduates to work as instructors. Others employed experienced instructors who lacked real-world experience in the food and beverage industry.

This helped inspire a new paradigm in culinary education, right here in Salt Lake City, where students learn from veteran educators with proven success in the culinary industry.

Proven Industry Leaders Impart Real-World Knowledge

Are you familiar with the old adage: “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”? This implies that educators in a given field couldn’t achieve success in the industry, so instead went into teaching.

Today, we know this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, those professionals who achieve the greatest success in their industry often make the best teachers. Who doesn’t want to learn from someone who enjoyed great success themselves?

This is especially true for culinary school educators, due to the unique environment of a working commercial kitchen.

Educational Experience Matters in Culinary School Instruction

Having real-world experience — and success — in the food and beverage industry is critical for culinary school instructors. It does not, however, qualify someone to teach, no matter how many accolades they may have earned in their career.

To join the Park City Culinary Institute team, accomplished chefs and other industry experts must also have the training, experience and temperament to teach.

Teaching the culinary arts — like working in a commercial kitchen — requires a unique skillset. And because the industry is continually changing to meet the needs of its customers, chef instructors must constantly hone and update their own skills and knowledge.

Choose a Culinary School with Passionate & Accomplished Chefs

Our culinary school instructors teach, mentor and inspire our students.

With 30 years or more experience on average, our chef instructors have opened, owned and worked as executive chefs in award-winning restaurants around the world. And they have extensive experience in training and inspiring others to greatness.

At PCCI, our students learn in a real commercial kitchen from some of the most renowned chef instructors in the industry. And with programs you can complete in just one to four months — in day or evening classes — you’ll have your professional certificate in no time.

Conveniently located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Park City Culinary Institute provides a unique and highly effective educational experience. Our students come from around the globe to learn from our amazing team of chef instructors. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary career counseling session, or to learn more about our unique culinary school approach.

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