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7 Hot Food Trends for 2018

As a chef, you have a lengthy daily to-do list. One of those essential tasks is crafting menu-defining dishes that set your table apart. For inspiration and a fresh perspective, check out this list of seven big food trends for 2018.

Regardless of whether you’d like to incorporate the latest fads or strike out on your own, knowing what is gaining traction in the restaurant industry can help influence your creativity.

Avocados … on Toast

After a controversy about the expense of avocado toast and its supposed outrageous price was all over the news, it became a legend on breakfast menus everywhere. Avocado toast is now “a thing,” and avocados, in general, are a major ingredient.

Vegetables as Carbohydrate Substitutes

Vegetables are no longer just vegetables. Today, they’re pizza crusts and pasta, with carbs replaced by nutrient-rich foods, just prepared differently than they normally would be. Use veggies in place of your typical carb-focused fare, and you’ll likely see a spike in the dish’s popularity.

Plant-Based Menu Options

Speaking of veggies … they’re now the focus of every course. More and more diners are going vegan, and that means restaurant menus have to adapt. Do you have plant-based diet-friendly options for your guests? From the traditional veggie burger to more adventurous vegan fare like curried coconut quinoa, a blank canvas of plant-based creativity awaits the vegan-friendly chef.

Small Plate Concepts

Small plates are growing in popularity and are influencing many restaurants to alter their offerings. No longer is the three-course meal the standard. Now, it starts with an appetizer, then shared small plates, then ends with premier cocktails. The small plate concept is a mindset you should embrace.

Doughnuts with Non-Traditional Filling

Specialized doughnuts are all the rage, and any trend relating to an item as wonderful as a doughnut likely isn’t going to pass anytime soon. The kicker is the doughnuts don’t have to be powdered or filled with jelly. What about a peanut butter and jelly doughnut? Cereal-themed donuts? Tea, sesame or sweet corn? The unique flavors never end.

Thai-Rolled Ice Cream

It used to be bubble tea, but the latest Asian dessert making headlines is Thai-rolled ice cream. The ice cream isn’t scooped — it’s poured as a liquid and manipulated with paddles as it freezes and gets rolled up. Then it’s placed in a cup and topped with all the traditional ice cream add-ons.

House-Made Condiments

Wasabi mayo? Cracked pepper cream cheese spread? Sweet and spicy vinegar sauce? House-made condiments will set your establishment apart. After all, it’s the only place your diners can go to get your unique dips and spreads.

At Park City Culinary Institute, we don’t just follow food trends, we live them. Explore your creativity with cooking classes or enroll in our culinary program. Live your dream — taste your handiwork. Call today to learn more.

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